Safety & EVENT Rules

Safety & Event

  1.  Two Rivers Garden Tractor Pullers Association LLC. is in no way responsible for accidents or articles lost or stolen.
  2. All tractors must pass an annual safety inspection that will be conducted at the first pull or the first event for that tractor. No safety inspection shall be done on your own tractor. All inspections must be done by assigned safety personnel.
  3. Pulling is open to two-wheel drive, rear wheel drive, rubber-tired tractors.
  4. No smoking while the tractor is hooked to the sled.
  5. Careless driving in the pits and along the track on either a pulling tractor or pullback vehicle will not be tolerated. No hot-rodding on or off the track. 
  6. All drivers must wear a DOT approved helmet and closed toe shoes.
  7. All class weights include driver and any safety equipment.
  8. Driver must sit on the tractor when weighing in and measuring hitch height.
  9. The scale will be placed as close to the sled as room allows.
  10. Tractors will weigh in per class then proceed to track staging area.
  11. One adult is required to walk alongside pullers under the age of 10. TRGTPA officials will determine if the driver is qualified to safely handle his/her tractor.
  12. Driver must remain seated during the pull and have complete control of the tractor.
  13. Driver must always keep one hand on the steering wheel.
  14. The sled operator has the option to kill the tractor if he feels the tractor is out of control.
  15. All drivers must sign a safety release waiver prior to the first hook of the season.
  16. All pulls must start with a tight chain.
  17. The first puller in each class has the option of keeping their first distance or coming back in the last pulling position. You must decide before unhooking from the sled. 
  18. If the first puller has a disqualified run, they still have the option to re-pull.
  19. If the first two pullers go out of the gate, the sled will be reweighed or the sled speed will be changed, and class will restart.
  20. Every puller has two chances to go at least 15 feet. If you have a malfunction before 15 ft. on your first attempt, you can repair and return in the last position. You have 5 minutes after the last puller pulls to attempt your second hook.
  21. If the sled experiences mechanical problems during a pull or the driver is stopped and the problem is not with the driver or his/her tractor, the driver will have the option to re-pull immediately or drop to the end of the class.
  22. Weights may be repositioned on a false start or re-pull. You must re-weigh if you unhook from the sled unless backed directly to sled.
  23. Once the first tractor in a class has hooked to the sled there will be no refunds of entry/hook fees. and tractors cannot be added to that class.
  24. Once the first tractor in a class has hooked to the sled tractors can not be added to that class.
  25. Top placing tractors may be checked for legality of fuel, engine size, carb and other items deemed appropriate at the discretion of TRGTPA officials.
  26. The pull will end when forward motion of the sled stops or when the front of the sled goes beyond the gate; drivers will hold the digging to a minimum as will the flagman.
  27. Tractors will stop immediately upon signal by flagman.
  28. Each family/tractor owner is required to have a fire extinguisher in/on trailer.
  29. A registration table will be set up and ready for pullers to sign in 60 minutes before the scheduled start of each pull. 
  30. An “Event/Track Help” sign up will be at the registration table for our members to have an option to help when their class is not running. Helping during a pull is not required but much appreciated. 
  31. The lineup will be posted on a large white board at the end of track or next to the scale. It is each puller’s responsibility to be ready when it is his/her turn.
  32. There will be no loud profanity, fighting or arguments allowed by participants or guests during the even